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April 2022

Commissioned piece for the Washington Capitals Hockey Team for Fans Week
The Wharf, Washington D.C.


October 2021

Chalk - 6hr speed piece
Opening Night for the San Jose Sharks Hockey Team, SAP Center 
San Jose, CA

Nostalgia - Back in the Tank 

Lean In 

June 2021

Chalk Fest, Triton Museum of Art 
Santa Clara, CA


May 2021

iMadonnari Festival (virtual)
Los Gatos, CA

It has been such a surreal year. I wanted to make a piece that talked about this next stage in the pandemic where everyone is starting to reach out and connect with one another again as vaccinations role out and restrictions ease. People have had vastly different experiences during covid… some have had an incredibly hard year filled with loss or isolation and all they were able to grow in their mind’s garden were wildflowers that could still bloom despite it all. Some have been fortunate to keep their stability and have been able to actually flourish and really tend to their mind’s garden this year. Both bouquets are bursting with flowers. Both bouquets are beautiful! We may be coming from different experiences or perspectives, but a little empathy and grace as we see each other’s bouquets after this stretch is what I am all about this year. 

Though We May Be Apart - Unseen Connections 

May 2020

Imadonnari Festival (virtual)
Los Gatos, CA